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The Book of Mormon

Hello! I and Elder Price would like to show you the most amazing book! Here at Iowa's Adler Theatre, we are thrilled to bring the ever-popular Broadway musical The Book of Mormon LIVE to audiences, to be shown on Friday, March 29, 2024! The nine-time Tony Award winner will be traveling across the country, and you'll want to grab the chance to see this modern classic anticipated by many. Its premiere in 2011 was a big hit as the musical received a large amount of overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers. Now, after a number of productions, shows, and all the love, they are back on the road once more. Get yourself ready for its 19 original songs that range from funnily obscene to soft-hearted and will indeed have you laughing your heart out by the time it's over. Sit back and relax for a day; grab your tickets now!

Get ready for a real rollercoaster of laughter and world reflection; Nine-time Tony Award winner The Book of Mormon is coming LIVE to Adler Theatre on Friday, March 29, 2024, and you won't want to miss it! Finally, after two years, the musical will be traveling across the country to give fans from all over the world a chance to see precisely why it is so well-known and popular.

The Book of Mormon is a musical comedy that follows two missionaries in their attempt to preach to the residents of a small remote village in Uganda. The young men have a hard time as the residents seem to lack interest in them and would much rather focus on more pressing issues in their village. Enjoy the 19 original songs that will either have you crying from laughter or feeling emotional by the time it's over.

With its debut being over a decade ago in 2011, The Book of Mormon garnered a very positive response from viewers from its very first showing. The creators Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez are well-known for having created the famous TV series South Park before it. The musical eventually became one of the world's most successful and grossed more than $750 million in sales. Today, it remains to be one of the most popular musicals in the world, hence the upcoming 2024 tour with more dates still to come.

Fans of the musical share that "there is no review, preview, or warning that can quite prepare you for the musical The Book of Mormon." and that "indeed 2 hours and 20 minutes later, you are almost guaranteed to be left singing along to the catchy soundtrack but also in a slight existential crisis about how politically correct you really are." Sounds like there's really nothing else like it!

Excited? See below to meet the cast and the creatives behind this gem!
Sam McLellan as Elder Price
Sam Nackman as Elder Cunningham
Keke Nesbitt as Nabulungi
Sean Casey Flanagan as Elder McKinley
Lamont J. Whitaker as Mafala Hatimbi
Trevor Dorner as Price’s Dad/Missionary Voice/Joseph Smith/Mission President
Dewight Braxton Jr. as General
Gideon Chickos, Jarius Miquel Cliett, Matthew Dant, Justin Forward, Craig Franke, Lars Hafell, Kisakye, Vance Klassen, Evan Lennon, Joey Myers, Trinity Posey, Thomas Ed Purvis, Michelle Ray, Kyle Segar, and Chelsea M. Smith as Ensembles
Bernie Baldassaro, DeVon Buchanan, Matt Cosco, Tianna Davis, Aaron Chancellor Gilmer, Eliah B. Johnson, Connor Olney, and Reynel Reynaldo as Swings

Trey Parker, Robert Lopez & Matt Stone - Book and Score
Jennifer Werner - Direction and Choreography
Scott Pask - Set Design
Ann Roth - Costume Design
Brian MacDevitt - Lighting Design
Brian Ronan - Sound Design
Stephen Oremus & Larry Hochman - Orchestrations
Stephen Oremus - Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements
Josh Marquette - Hair Design
Carrie Gardner CSA - Casting
Glen Kelly - Dance Arrangements
Michael Keller - Music Coordination
Liz Caplan Vocal Studios, LLC - Vocal Consultation
Anne Garefino, Roger Berlind, Scott M. Delman, Jean Doumanian, Sonia Friedman Productions Ltd., Roy Furman, Stephanie P. McClelland, Kevin Morris, and Jon B. Platt - Producers
Stuart Thompson - Executive Producer

Ready to offer up to 2,400 seats for excited fans, Adler Theatre will bring your experience to its peak. The quaint and cozy indoor theatre gives each seat an excellent view to take in the incredible Broadway show. Have a laugh and secure your seats now!

The Book of Mormon at Adler Theatre

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