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Adler Theatre | Davenport, Iowa

Josh Gates

At the Adler Theater on the 20th of October 2023 one of the most well-known explorers of the modern age will be giving a special evening that will be full of stories of ghouls, mysteries and travels – Josh Gate’s ‘An Evening of Ghosts, Monsters and Tales of Adventure’. Join Josh Gates, the real Indiana Jones of the world, as he takes audiences on a journey of the spooky and spectacular as he divulges the legends and lore surrounding the adventures he has had across the globe, which will have your spine-tingling, skin chilling and heart racing. Tickets are on sale right now, so snap yours up before your chance is lost to the perilous passing of time and guarantee you join Gates as he shares his adventures… and as you get ready and inspired to chase your own. The place to be is the historic Adler Theater on Friday the 20th of October 2023.

Josh Gates is the TV host and producer that has gained fame by being an enthusiast of history, re-discovering lost truths and legends across the world with a charm and deep vault of knowledge that has fans repeatedly switching on their screens and joining him on his global escapades. His popular tv series, such as ‘Expedition: Unknown’, ‘Legendary Locations’ and ‘Destination Truth and Stranded’, share the hidden or forgotten treasures of the past in whatever form they take, from local lore, to buried kingdoms and relics. His new series of ‘Expedition Unknown’, available on the Discovery Channel, is bursting onto screens for its third series and promises to reveal explosive discoveries.

As well as his popular television series Gates has created a podcast, ‘Josh Gates Tonight’, that has been dubbed, ‘part chat-show, part Raiders of the Lost Ark’, giving all the flair, expertise and charisma that has likened him to a real-life Indiana Jones. The show is a riot of celebrities and specialists, such as Apollo astronaut and moon-walker, Charlie Duke, being a guest on his show, with exotic cocktail mixing, laughs and discussions on conquering the craft of high-speed getaway driving.

This October, during the spookiest month of the year, Gates is giving one of his limited, special appearances where he removes the barrier of the screen and shares his adventures. Audiences will experience a journey that takes them into the unknown of paranormal encounters that will have spines and skin tingling, legends of cryptozoological creatures and beasts that defy logic, and spark curiosity. His, ‘An Evening of Ghosts, Monsters and Tales of Adventure’ will be unforgettable.

Book your tickets now and be at the Adler Theater on the 20th of October this fall. The Adler Theater is the perfect venue to experience Gates’ special evening. Within the walking distance of the great Mississippi River, the theater is a gleaming jewel of classic architecture and has an atmosphere that holds the memories of the past, but also welcomes the future. Make sure you’re there to soak up all the atmosphere of Mississippi with Josh Gates as he adventures into the ghosts, monsters and tales of his expeditions.

Josh Gates at Adler Theatre

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