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Adler Theatre | Davenport, Iowa

Jordan Rainer

The 'woman in black' is back on the road and aims to give all of you country music fans an electrifying evening of her fire-spittin' brand of country-rock music. Jordan Rainer's 'Straight Shot Tour' is happening at the Adler Theatre on Friday 31st May. She's the voice that made four chairs turn, and now she's bringing the house down with her string of hit singles like "Straight Shot", "Damn Sandwich", "You Made A Rock", "Crossfire", and many more! Recently bequeathed a New Female Vocalist of the Year Award at the Texas Country Music Awards and the New Faces of Texas Country Music Award, are testaments that Jordan Rainer has incredible showmanship to take you to the edge and experience country music like never before! Grab your friends, family, and loved ones to get on board Jordan Rainer's 'Straight Shot Tour'. Cop those tickets now!

Jordan Rainer is blazing new trails with her brand of fire-spittin' country-rock music. Her very first No. 1 single "Straight Shot" is buzzing on the Texas Regional Radio Charts. Then she bagged the highly coveted award for New Female Vocalist of the Year at the Texas Country Music Awards and the New Faces of Texas Country Music Award.

Dubbed as 'the woman in black' in Season 24 of The Voice, Jordan Rainer impressed the judges and got herself a four-chair turn at the blind auditions.

Wynonna Judd was all praises when she said: “Wow. I love a woman who’s sassy. You’re a kick in the butt. We need that sound…that pure country twang…it’s just good.”

Jordan chose to be on Team Reba and this is what her coach had to say as she witnessed this amazing talent unfold. “Jordan, you are so different and that’s what we need in country music – your enthusiasm, your passion, your love for country music. We need you in there, are a force of nature!”, exclaims Reba McEntire.

Jordan was born and raised in the small town of Durant, Oklahoma in a loving home with her parents who were local church music ministers. “When it comes to playing quote-unquote, ‘real music’, all I can say is, ‘mama tried’,” jokes Rainer. “My amazing, patient mother- who is a world-class pianist- would sit me down for 30-minute lessons, which I whined and complained through every second of… then as soon as she’d leave the room, I’d start picking out songs I knew by ear. And, well, I guess at some point
she gave up because here I am with a career in country music and can’t play Flight Of The Bumblebee on piano!” Rainer also acknowledges the influence of her father on her musical path. “My dad was a ‘by ear’ guy too. He is a top-notch banjo/guitar/bass/mando picker- well, honestly, anything with strings. He could sit down with a brand-new instrument and play a song on it five minutes later. I’m that way, too. He somewhat nurtured and encouraged that in me, and somewhere between mom and dad, I am what I am musically.”

All these music milestones are wrapped up and will be unleashed on the live concert stage on Jordan Rainer's 'Straight Shot Tour'. Mark your calendars - Friday 31st May 2024 at the Adler Theatre and score your tickets now!

Jordan Rainer at Adler Theatre

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