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Adler Theatre | Davenport, Iowa

John Cleese

Hold on to your chairs because you’re about to fall off from too much laughing! He will be making just about anything and anyone. If you love comedy that offends and makes jaws drop, then this is your moment! John Cleese's wide range of topics can vary from religion to politics to fellow comics, and woke jokes! This year, he is ready to be canceled and make audiences gasp and laugh at the same time! On Friday, 10th November 2023, John Cleese will be coming to Davenport, Iowa for a night of laughs at the Adler Theatre! Prepare for some jaw-dropping punchlines, hilarious anecdotes, and more, as the British icon shows how they do comedy on their side of the world! If you love commentaries, religious and politic satire, you should score tickets to An Evening with the Late John Cleese this fall! Get your access now through the Get Tickets link before it's too late!

Old school comics like John Cleese have remarkably remained relevant in the world of stand-up. The comedian is undoubtedly an improv icon and is a master in comedic climaxes. He also has a great knack for script writing and is a legend in the world of sketch. He is the unprecedented comedic genius. If you are seeing him this fall, you are guaranteed to experience an excellent show. At one point, he was dubbed “The Best Comedian Ever.” He has been in this industry for over six decades, and he can out-joke any hot young comedian out there. He may be well into his ‘80 but he continues to sell out shows months in advance. In fact, he recently completed a sold out run in Europe and Asia.

This 2023, the legendary stand-up comedian John Cleese is set to deliver some new material and fresh jokes to his eager audiences in North America. If you love black humor, you should anticipate the best laugh riot of the season! The English actor/comedian has long established himself as one of the funniest comedy veterans on TV and film. Still, more importantly, his comedy tours have received wide critical acclaim and praise from fans. His signature dark humor will take center stage this fall as he jokes about politics, religion, death, and more.

He has aptly named his 2023 tour, An Evening with the Late John Cleese, which is a very appropriate sequel to his sold-out 2022 trek. Last Time to See Me Before I Die. Well into his ‘80s, Cleese is guaranteed to make young and old people laugh on his upcoming tour.

He’s a stand-up comic, sketch comedy master, and improv legend. He first made waves as a member of the iconic comedy troupe Monty Python. But eventually, Cleese embarked on his solo career and made a breakthrough on TV, films, and on stage. His exemplary work has earned him countless accolades, including multiple BAFTA nominations and Golden Globe nominations. His performance in Cheers has earned him a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Award.

Thankfully, comedy fans still have icons like John Cleese to deliver old-school comedy that doesn’t wait for anyone's approval. He will be belting out punchlines that will be borderline offensive. His material may not be for the weak. But what you can expect is excellent stand-up comedy.

Catch John Cleese at the Adler Theatre on Friday, 10th November 2023, by scoring your tickets now!

John Cleese at Adler Theatre

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