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Adler Theatre | Davenport, Iowa

Brit Floyd

As one of the world's most iconic rockin' albums turns fifty, the world's premier Pink Floyd tribute act is hitting the stage! Brit Floyd is jet-set to perform its legendary "50 Years of The Dark Side of The Moon" series of shows, embarking on a 100-date North American Tour. Taking the historical record back to life in full concert, a blast from the past is hitting Adler Theatre on Wednesday, November 15th. Producing a slew of timeless hits, including Money", "Any Colour You Like", and "Time", it surely hits the spot as one of the globe's best rock albums ever made. Selling over 45 million copies globally, it's an album that's definitely one for the books. Having mastered the legendary band's live performances note-per-note, Brit Floyd's shows are bound to teleport you back to the '70s! You'll be surprised how crazy the crowd gets! Don't miss out on The Dark Side of The Moon's golden celebration by booking your tickets now!

One of the world's greatest rock albums is celebrating its golden milestone. 50 years after the release of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon", they've redefined psychedelic rock for generations to come. Acclaimed as one of the greatest rockers to exist, the world's premier Pink Floyd tribute act, Brit Floyd, is hitting the road for a grand celebration of the iconic record's 50-year rockin' legacy. Kicking off a 100-date North American Tour, the tribute rockers are set to deliver the most authentic Pink Floyd experience one could ever ask for.

"Dark Side of The Moon" features some of the band's best hits and raved crowd-favorites, including Time", "Brain Damage", "Money", "The Great Gig In The Sky", and "Us and Them", shaping generations of psychedelic hard rockers.

Producing the most authentic Pink Floyd show in the modern age - Brit Floyd's purpose lies in staying true to the original band's legacy. They don't play any original compositions whatsoever... It's Pink Floyd from start to finish!

"We put on a very substantial show," Damian Darlington, musical director of Brit Floyd, shared. "There's a huge light show, there's video projections, there's lasers, there's inflatables and there's over 2 1/2 hours of the best of Pink Floyd music running alongside all of that."

Oh, those 2 hours of the best rockin' music will surely take you back to the good ol' high-time days of the original legends. Every Brit Floyd show feels like a time machine, sending everyone back to the hard-rockin' concerts of the '70s.

Highly acclaimed as one of the most authentic Pink Floyd tribute acts to stay faithful to the original's legacy, every Brit Floyd show incorporates cutting-edge technologies that aim to replicate the real deal. You can expect state-of-the-art production, visuals, and sonic effects carefully crafted by the band and its team.

"I think it’s a desire (for audiences) to experience this music live. For those who were young when it came out, it’s the soundtrack of their lives," Darlington shared, as cited from Local Spins. "It helped create their identity. The younger generation who weren’t born (when the band was recording and touring) want to experience it live."

Indeed. Pink Floyd's music goes beyond just being a popular rock band from back in the day. They've shaped artists and listeners who continue to be inspired by the legends' music, reshaping the industry through the hard-rockin hits they've created.

As Brit Floyd keeps the legendary band's music live on stage, they're inviting everyone to celebrate "50 Years of The Dark Side of The Moon" in a tribute trek of shows that's definitely the closest you can get to the real deal. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Brit Floyd at Adler Theatre

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