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Adler Theatre | Davenport, Iowa

A.J. Croce

This is another classic case of son plays father’s iconic hits! Are you ready to experience this thrilling, nostalgic trip?! Croce Plays Croce is now embarking on its 50th anniversary Tour. The illustrious A.J. Croce will pay homage to the amazing music of his legendary father, Jim Croce. The highly acclaimed singer-songwriter belted out some of the most beloved folk-rock staples, such as “Operator,” “Lover’s Cross,” “Time in a Bottle,” and more! These beloved hits from the ‘70s have moved and inspired many listeners across the world! Today, his equally talented son, A.J. Croce, will perform his plethora of masterpieces for his U.S. outing! This 2024 Croce Play Croce outing will travel to over 20 major cities, including a coveted stop in Davenport, Iowa! Enjoy the fantastic work of Jim Croce as A.J. covers his groundbreaking catalog at the Adler Theatre! On Sunday, 21st July 2024, fans will be treated to a dynamic setlist! Hurry and secure your access now and experience the legendary music of Jim Croce!

Singer-songwriter A.J. Croce brings music fans on a brilliant trip as he covers the most beloved titles of his father’s remarkable catalog. Jim Croce was an enigma of the ‘70s and is regarded as one of the greatest singer-songwriters to have ever lived. Although his career spans approximately a decade, Croce has a series of posthumous works that created a lasting legacy. This summer, his son A.J. Croce will make his way to select cities, including Davenport, Iowa, to perform a myriad of hits. Croce Plays Croce has always been on the bucket list for many folk music fans. This gig brings the legendary songwriter’s music to life through the dynamic live performance of his incredibly talented son, A.J. For most fans, Croce Plays Croce was the only way to experience Jim’s work due to his unfortunate passing in 1973.

This 2024, A.J. Croce celebrates his 50th year in performing his father’s music. Croce Plays Croce’s 50th-anniversary tour is slated to perform a plentiful playlist packed with iconic titles, such as “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” “Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels),” “I’ll Have to say I Love You in A Song,” and more. Past setlist had Croce performing over 20 remarkable songs. Moreover, aside from his father’s music, A.J. Croce also covers his solo works, as well as music for other notable artists, such as Faces, Sam Cooke, and Billy Preston, to name a few.

Croce Plays Croce had received praise from fans across the world. Past audiences had lauded the show for its impressive performance. “What a wonderful performance,” mentioned Linda Jacobs, a spectator in A.J. Croce’s past show in Houston. “(I) left so incredibly impressed with A.J. Croce's performance, stamina, musicianship, and sense of fun.” Many other reviewers of Croce Plays Croce also mentioned that fans are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Melody Yacoubian from Nashville said, “ I grew up with ‘70s music and still love Jim Croce. His son gives a fabulous show.”

Whether you’ve been a fan since the ‘70s or a new listener of Jim Croce’s fantastic music, this is the perfect opportunity to experience the hits live. The show is guaranteed to deliver outstanding musical prowess, utmost dexterity, and thrilling showmanship!

There are only about 20 of these shows happening this year! Hurry and secure tickets now!

A.J. Croce at Adler Theatre

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